30 Day Green Smoothie Experiment – Day 7

I have two words for today Radiant and Choices

I was standing in the kitchen talking with Tina when she suddenly said, “Mom, you look radiant.” I pooh pooh’d her, telling her it’s probably the extra sun I got. She said, “No, I really think you’re radiant, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the sun.” Wow! Cool! 

Today I decided to kick the fun up a notch and created a pina colada green smoothie in my cheapo blender. Pineapple with a straw

I was making enough for two, so I started with at least a cup of water. I just pour it in. I need more water in mine because of the cheapo blender. If you have a vitamix, you may be able to just skip the water altogether, but I don’t know, because I don’t have one. Next I blended up my blender full of spinach. I’ve been mostly using spinach because I have two giant containers of it. Use what you have! I then added a frozen banana, some of the coconut meat from the young coconut of yesterday, and half of a pineapple. I added a smidge of alcohol in the form of a tsp of pure vanilla. All it needed was an umbrella. OMGoodness! It was so delicious. I am pretty sure I have developed a love affair with the green smoothie. Who knew that life could be so great drinking fruits and vegetables in the morning? 

When I started, I really wanted to get a pro blender but I wanted to be sure it was something I would enjoy doing. I’m convinced. So today, I’m ordering my blender!!!! I made more than enough at my garage sale so I’m using the proceeds of that. YEAH ME!

My oldest son, David turned 21 today. He lives at home and I wanted to make it special for him. He didn’t want to go out to eat, which would have been a bit easier for me to choose to eat something good for me. Anyway, I made him a cake and did take a lick from the beater. He wanted mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli plus some kind of meat, but not chicken. I bought the family BBQ ribs from Texas Road House. I had one. ONE. I also had a small scoop of potatoes and a large scoop of broccoli. I didn’t have any cake with the family. So, while the choices I made weren’t all natural and super good for me, I didn’t indulge too much, but I did enjoy the choices I made. It’s all about choices! 

I’ve said that my whole life. It’s all about choices. No one makes us do the things we do. We make the choices. 

Are you where you want to be? Look at what you’re choosing to do.

Tina and I went to the gym about 10:30 pm and did two rounds with the kettle bells. Sometimes two rounds is all we can do. But that’s two rounds more than I do when I don’t do anything.

Tomorrow is the one week weigh in and measure – stay tuned to find out if I’ve made any progress.

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