A Fun Closet Experience

I’m so glad someone told me that I should not only weigh myself, but that I should take measurements too. I think the inch loss is way more exciting to me than the weight loss. Plus, now that I’m adding the kettlebell routine into my life, the muscles are starting to define my shape too.

I’m finding that the key to better health and a better body is definitely balancing intake with physical activity. Of course now I feel way more energetic so it isn’t as daunting to do an exercise routine. I still haven’t done every rep of every exercise in the video that I’m using. But it’s okay, I push myself really hard and sometimes have to stop with a couple of reps left. Each time I get stronger and feel myself doing better. And I’m not sore anymore. I’ve engaged the muscles and they now know how to work hard. Woo hoo!

In the past I didn’t want to try on my old clothes because it was always depressing. I have a few favorite dresses and I would just be enveloped with sadness that they looked so terrible on me. I would be especially sad when I couldn’t even button them. One dress is a black shirt dress with a cinched waist. Well, I decided to try it on the other day and …IT FIT. Not only could I button the buttons, but I had to cinch the belt further than I did when I bought the dress four years ago. I paired the dress with my polkadot pumps and a polka dot headband. I felt CUTE again. When I walked out of my room one of my kids said, “Wow Mom! You look amazing!”

The next day I tried on another dress. A black dress with white piping that has a very slimming look. However, when I was so “fat” I bulged everywhere and it was not at all flattering. I wore that dress a couple of times this week. Both times I got compliments from the people in my family. It sure feels good to hear the compliments.

I had to go to a graduation on Friday night and decided to try on one other favorite dress. I was nervous about it because the tag says it’s a size 8. The size is handwritten, so I’m not 100% sure that’s the real size. I was having to buy a size 14 <gasp> when I started this journey. This was the dress I was wearing about four years ago when a lady working at Saks Fifth Avenue told me how much she loved my dress and proceeded to check the tag to see what brand it was. So strange. Anyway, the dress is gorgeous. I bought it at a consignment shop about ten years ago. It’s very classy looking with a basic deep blue sheath with a red jacket with white and blue bold vertical stripes. When I tried it on – it FIT! And I didn’t look overly lumpy. There were people at the graduation I hadn’t seen for awhile. And get this, one lady approached me and said, “Terri! You look STUNNING!” You can bet I’m going to be holding on to that compliment for a long time!

Honestly, I feel stunning. I was watching a show someone recommended called The Revolution. You can watch some episodes online, so I watch it when I take a bath. http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-revolution There are some videos of other things and I found one that was makeup for older people. While I hate to admit it, pushing 50 makes me “older.” One of the tricks was to apply bronzer in strategic locations on your face. It gives your face a glow and a lift. I had some bronzer, but thought it was just for legs and I had never even used it. I like my pale legs thank you very much. LOL. I followed the video and I don’t think I’ll go back to wearing makeup my regular way again! It really did give that look of health and vitality, even though I’m pretty sure I’m not just faking it with make up. Because I do feel so amazing.

I’m speaking for a graduation in a few days and can’t wait to wear one of my old favorite dresses.

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One thought on “A Fun Closet Experience

  1. So impressed with and motivated by your progress Terri. I bought a dress last year. I bought it one size smaller to motivate me to keep moving. In my last weight loss success time I lost about 45 pounds in a year and I got into that dress and got it zipped. I hasn’t quite reached the point of looking good in it when I started gaining some of the weight back but I am still using that dress to motivate myself. Please continue to motivate us all with your posts and updates! We wouldn’t mind some photos of those amazing dresses as well!