A New You by The New Year

You all know about the ecomony. Are you about as sick of hearing about it as I am, gloom doom gloom doom. I suppose if the only thing you see is the bad stuff, it might really look like that. I’ve been trying to see with different eyes. In our part of the country we have a lot of new buildings being constructed. I can’t find a place to park when I go shopping. It looks to me like we’re thriving here. Even my real estate business has picked up a bit. I guess it would be pretty hard to not pick up when I didn’t have any sales for six months last year. Miraculously we survived and made it through the rough patch.

I love being in real estate. It’s so rewarding to me to market a well-priced house and have it sell right away. Or take a buyer to several homes then finally finding one myself because I’ve spent hours pouring over listings to find just what they are looking for in a house. They walk in and their eyes light up. I love that!

The hard part though, is the up and down financial thing. When it’s going well…it’s going well. But if I don’t have a sale one month, I don’t have electricity the next month. That’s STRESSFUL!

Every once in awhile I entertain the idea of “getting a job.” Now, you may think I’m lazy because I don’t want to leave home every day and be gone for about 50 hours a week in order to bring home enough money to just barely scrape by. I’ve made a committment to my kids that I will be here for them.

I love the idea of running my own business, even if it means long hours working at home. That’s okay, because I’m here. I’m constantly inventing new products in my mind or figuring out a way to make what I love to do, writing, speaking, inspiring, and encouraging into a money making venture. But quite honestly most people see that as a ministry, not something worthy of pay.

Just the other day I was working again on how to be able to have some kind of steady income so the stress of getting my electricity turned off wouldn’t happen quite so frequently. I was thinking about some of the changes I need to make in my life. So I came up with a plan: A New You by The New Year! at Tadahmom.com If I can get people to sign up (basically it helps cover my time and expense) then I could have a steady income, even if it’s not enough to meet all of my expenses, it could help take some of the pressure off in the financial realm of my life, plus it could help me develop the products that Moms need! – like the “inspector gadget extend an arm” for backseat fighting children. (I’m kidding about that) But there are a lot of products in the works, like the Itty Bitty Pity Party Package.


I’ll help you – and you’ll help me. I love when things work out like that! The more people we have join, the more brilliant minds we have working to help each other. We are going to transform our lives! We are going to set goals! We are going to share our successes. We don’t have failures, we only have opportunities. We are going to encourage each other. It is a community of moms who need some accountability to move forward – or onward and upward. For a small monthly fee of just $4.95 you can be a part of something huge!

I’ve talked with several of the internet experts and they tell me, that’s not enough! You have to charge way more than that. One even said, “Terri, you should be charging at least $45.00 an hour for your services.” You’re giving too much away! I stuck my tongue out at them. They didn’t know it though because we were chatting online. I know I’m not the internet expert here. I’m not trying to be. I just know that I have a need, and I have a lot to offer. So, that’s where I am. I want to make my services available to every mom regardless. That’s why I set the price at $4.95 a month. EVERY mom can afford that to make a positive difference in her life. That’s cheaper than most magazines! And you won’t be inundated with ads. Even one of my books costs about the same as THREE MONTHS of subscription. And you get new and fresh content. How cool is that?!

I’ve set up the website and the community. You actually can join the community for free, but you don’t have access to all the materials that will be available. For the small price, you’ll want to become a member of the site. The more people we have the more “experts” we’ll end up having within our ranks. So spread the word to your friends…join Tadah Mom.com TODAY!

The first challenge is the “New You by The New Year” Challenge. Through a series of fairly painless assignments you will be in charge of your destiny. We aren’t going to wait for the New Year to make our resolutions. We are going to make them now! Then when the new year comes, we’re going to have a giant celebration!

Are you ready to change your life?!? Okay, maybe you don’t need a complete new you. I know people who are nearly perfect, yet they still want to set goals and have someone hold them accountable. But even more so, they want someone to encourage them along the way.

As moms, we just don’t get enough of that. I’m here to change all that!

One of my goals is to help 1 Thousand Moms by the new year to live happy lives with much less stress. Want to help me reach one of my goals??? Who knows…maybe I’ll reach that goal much sooner…with your help…I can!

Sign up and follow me in the community – cheer me on – be a part of a movement of moms who at the end of the day can shout, “Ta-Dah!”

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