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If you are interested in purchasing any of my books, my best suggestion is to check Amazon. If you’re fortunate you could even purchase one for a penny. Although I did see a signed copy for $32.00. If you would like to pay that for a signed copy, let me know. I’ll buy one for a penny, and sell it to you for $32.00. I’ll even autograph it for you.


Product Description
Get ready to laugh as Terri Camp takes you through the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. However, this is more than just another woman’s humor book. In addition to providing the laughs, she takes her readers on a profound journey to the heart.

This book was prescribed by a physician to one of her clients experiencing some minor depression issues. The client approached me at a speaking engagement and told me it was better than any medication she could have taken.


Ignite the Fire by Terri Camp
Ignite the Fire! will ignite the fires in your children so what they learn is both retained and enjoyed. Terri Camp gives parents a vision for their child no matter how much or little they excel academically. She also provides a long list of ordinary household items and their usefulness in educating children. This book is full of practical, easy-to-implement ideas. Prepare to be inspired!


Product Description
The genius of Terri Camp’s writing is that she addresses themes common to all women with a humorous touch and a spiritual purpose. Terri is capable of merely making women laugh, but that isn’t what God called her to. With a skillful pen, Terri covers subjects that often represent deep wounds in many relationships. Not one for ceremony, Terri opens up her heart, revealing her vulnerable side, enabling others to face their own shortcomings and seek God’s path to healing and fullness in marriage. Uplifting. Filled with laughs, tears, and smiles of “me too” recognition, this book brings out the best in the reader and reminds women everywhere that they’re not alone as they experience the challenges and blessings of marriage.

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7 thoughts on “Books By Terri Camp

  1. The only thing I have available from me directly is Ignite the Fire in electronic format. The other books are only available through regular channels. I ran out and have not been able to make another order.
    Here is a link for one of my books on Amazon.

  2. I read your book “The Greatest Mom Ever” several years ago, and I really loved it. I even loaned it to my cousin and she found it wonderful as well.

  3. i am so thankful to you, you saved my life literally, God used you to save me, i saw your book ”if it weren’t for Eve…” in this bookshop and the picture attracted me and i read it immediately and it helped me understand myself and my husband and our relationship with ourselves and with God. thanks a lot. God bless you and your family.