More Pain? No Gain!

I love a good treasure hunt. I use them all the time with educating my children, gift exchanges, etc. They are great fun!

One of my first memories of doing treasure hunts was on my 13th birthday. I planned a great scavenger hunt and hoped that I could get on “his” team. You see, I invited “him” because I liked him. I also invited the girl he liked, because I knew he would come if she was coming. I even mentioned to him that she was coming to the party. Why did I do this? Because I wanted to be near “him” even though I knew the event would cause me pain, watching him with this other girl and wishing it were me.

Getting to the Bottom of Sin

Originally written for my site in 2004.

Sometimes things in life don’t always go the way we would plan them. However, I have chosen to try to make the best of any situation, by seeking out the Lord to discover if there is perhaps a lesson the Lord is trying to teach me.
Recently I had taken a trip on an airplane for a speaking engagement. One of the things I use in my talk is a Supermom apron with lots of pockets, which I fill with different items that aid my talk. I have items like a plastic frog, a picture of my last baby at his birth, bubble bath, a squirt gun, a diaper, and liquid laundry soap.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I’ve always hated mirrors. I’m not totally certain why that is, but I know that I hated having my flaws staring me in the face. Perhaps not looking in a mirror was my way of trying to maintain a positive attitude.
I’ll never forget the time my oldest was twelve and looking in a mirror. She kept making comments about all the flaws on her face. As she spent more time staring in the mirror, I noticed her countenance change as she continued telling herself all the things wrong with her.