Mom’s Snack Shack or Camp’s Canteen

Do your kids like to buy snacks at the store? Do they ask you as you are walking through the store for this thing, or that thing? (I have an answer for that one – but will have to be another post)

I came up with this idea a few years ago while shopping at Sam’s Club.

A lot of the stores my kids frequent would sell them little bags of chips, pop (soda), nuts, lollipops, etc. for prices that were way more than I could buy them for myself. I decided to open Mom’s Snack Shack.

Twitter Newbie? How I Got 1000 Followers in Two Weeks!

Three weeks ago, I had only seen the word Twitter on Facebook profiles. To say I’ve been “out of the internet” loop for the last three years was an understatement. Since I’m working on a new start-up biz that will have some of its foundation on the Internet, I decided it was time to dive into social media with both feet. I did not want to be a passive learner. And I found that Twitter was one of the best places for people who have a quest for knowledge.