A Brush With Death

Bryan hours old  As I lay in bed, I instinctively, lovingly, rested my hand on my pregnant belly.   Little did I know as I felt the kicking of my unborn baby that in just a few short minutes my life would be changed forever.

The time was getting nearer for our baby to be born. I had been having contractions all day. I figured our baby would be born that night or the next day when I went to my scheduled appointment.

The Plans I Have For You

She came to me – with that look on her face. I had known her for 21 years. I knew her looks. She was nervous, scared, and needed “to talk.” A list of possibilities ran through my mind. I suggested we go for a drive. There is something safe about driving around in the car talking. No interruptions. No distractions. Just she and I together in the car. We sat in the car for a moment. I turned to look at her. A tear fell down her cheek. The look in her eyes was that of fear, excitement, nervousness, and disappointment. I don’t remember the exact words we exchanged that night. But I know I had to pull the words out of her. I reassured her that nothing is insurmountable.

New Year’s Enhancements!

Most diets begin on a Monday. Most end on Thursday. Resolutions begin Jan 1, the list is often stumbled on months later, then tossed in the trash. The feeling of failure will often envelope the person when they discover “the list.” People quit smoking when the pack is empty, but the pack is never empty because there is another one to take it’s place.

On My Knees!

From my book, I”m Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever…Even if it Kills Me! ©2001 and ©2006 Multnomah Publishers

Have you ever secretly identified with the women who just “up and leave” their families, who are gone without a trace? When people say, “How could a mom ever do such a thing?” have you ever thought to yourself, I wonder if that will be my story on the news someday?