Don’t Be Stupid!

Truth be told, I don’t like the word stupid and because of how I feel about the importance of “words” in our lives, I would never call myself stupid. However, in the past week I’ve made some really poor choices with regards to my eating plan. And quite frankly saying, “Don’t make bad choices” doesn’t have the same ring as “don’t be stupid!” I’m tempted to print it out on card stock and post it somewhere. Let’s see, where do I make the worst choices? In my car. Okay, I’ll write a post it note and stick it on my dashboard. Will it make an impact on my decision making process? I don’t know, because our minds so like to rationalize our bad choices. I’m not quite sure what my rationalization was, but I just kept kind of thinking it wouldn’t matter if I made this bad choice or that bad choice. I mean, it’s just a little bad stuff. (or so my irrational thinking tells me)

Maybe I had convinced myself that I had been doing really well with everything and could fudge (did I really say fudge?) just a little. Today I stepped on the scale and had gained one and a half pounds. I know, not that big of deal! But, when you think about the culmination of poor choices over years and years, that’s what ends up being 40 – 50 pounds. So, it really is about not being stupid about the choices.

In Tim Ferriss’s book, The Four Hour Body, he talks about having one free day a week. I actually think that’s a pretty good idea because if you allow yourself a little free something each day, you end up not caring every single day. But when it’s just a free day, you can plan what you’re going to have on your free day. And it’s only on your free day. If you have a birthday party coming up, use that day as your free day. Then the following day, DO NOT EAT THE LEFTOVER CUPCAKES! I know they’ll be calling your name. Oh yea, and those cookies too. You’ll want to just have one because one isn’t a big deal.

It is a big deal! When you tell yourself, “it isn’t a big deal.” That is the cue to you that you are wrong and it is a big deal. Everyone talks about diet this diet that where you can eat anything you want. Well, that just doesn’t work long term. You can’t take a pill and have it work long term. You can’t just drink a shake three times a day for the rest of your life. You will want the “forbidden” stuff. So, you have to program your mind to not do the stupid things.

For me, it’s pop. Pop is my stupid thing. It’s a slippery pop slope for me. I told myself last week, “if I just have water with my pop, then it will be okay.” And why? Oh yes, I rationalized. I’ll drink the water, then the pop, so I won’t drink as much pop. Where was my rationalizing brain telling me, “if you don’t drink the pop, you won’t drink the pop.” So simple. But I was having Mexican food. You have to drink pop with Mexican food. No you don’t! I had been doing so well not drinking pop, then I had one. Then another. Then, just a sip of someones. Then, just half of one. Then just a kid size. Then a regular – light ice (because it gives me more pop.) Then this morning I woke up with a dry throat and my stomach felt bloated. Gosh, I hadn’t felt that in awhile, my irrational mind said, “I wonder why you feel bloated.” My rational mind said, “Because you made a poor choice and had a whole coke from the fast food place yesterday.” The irrational mind said, “Oh, it wasn’t a big deal. And since you have a dry throat maybe you should swing through the drive-thru on your way to show that house.”

I wish pop wasn’t my weakness, but it is. So, instead of listening to my stupid irrational mind, I got up and made my favorite green smoothie. And vowed not to make stupid choices for a very long time. I then decided that tomorrow is my free day.

My favorite green smoothie:

  • 2 Bananas
  • juice from one orange
  • 1 1/2 slices of pineapple (because that was what I had)
  • 6 large frozen organic strawberries
  • a ton of spinach

The very first sip was so cold and pineapply that I found myself nearly gasping with it’s goodness. I really do think the green smoothie is sometimes my magic formula to make “stupid” flee.

What’s the one thing in your life that would change if you could only make the wise decisions instead of needing to look at the post it note telling you, don’t be stupid?


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