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I know that biblically speaking, the purpose of our lives are to glorify God. The cool thing about that is that we pretty much get to just be ourselves – and in the end, He is glorified through that. We leave little bits of our lives with people we meet. Some of us, leave more, some less. But we always leave something with others.

One of the ways my mom glorified God is with her desire to be happy in spite of the circumstances. Now that doesn’t mean she lived in the dreaded land of denial. Oh no. What is means is that Mom knew that circumstances could change with simple little things. If you can change your attitude, you can change the moment.

One day when I lived in California, my mom happened to call at just the moment that Ashley had gotten hurt and was crying. I answered the phone in spite of the crying child. Almost immediately Mom wanted to speak with Ashley.

On the spot, Mom invented the “Happy Shot.” Mom instructed Ashley to hold out the owie spot. Then with her other hand she was to make a circle of pokes around the owie while Mom said, “Happy Shot, Happy Shot, Happy Shot, Happy Shot —-blbllblblbl” (I don’t actually know how to spell the sound she made, but it was a cross between a drilling sound and blowing raspberries) Immediately Ashley’s countenance changed. That was Mom leaving a BIG bit on the world.

Ashley was about 4 years old at the time. She and all her siblings, cousins, and other kids Mom came in contact with, were given multiple happy shots. Whenever we would get a chance to be around my mom, the kids would all line up for their “Happy Shots.” They would invent little owies so they could get their Happy Shot from Grandma. No child left her presence without a smile.

When I was a kid, Mom cut off a portion of her finger in a printing press. This was the finger she used to bring joy to others with a little tickle or as the circle pokes around the Happy Shot.

The Happy Shot will be carried on for future generations. Of course, no one will be able to do it quite like Grandma did, but we’ll all give it a try as we carry her “bit” with us.

When I think of my mom and her Happy Shot – I thank God and give him glory for creating her to be a person who loved life in spite of the incredible difficulties she faced and her desire to share those things with the people she loved and cared for.

Do you have an owie that needs a Happy Shot?

What are some “bits” that your loved ones have left in this world?

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One thought on “Happy Shot

  1. My grandfather had to quite school at 11 yrs old, in 1924, to go to work pushing a broom in a machine shop, to care for his father, who was blinded in a work accident.

    Despite next to no education, and being raised almost solely by just his father (his mother died? somewhere around when he was 5/6, we aren’t sure), he valued education.

    My father was kicked out of school at 17, and told never to come back. My grandfather gave him 2 choices…go in the military or go to work with him as a mechanic. My father chose the Army. 3 years later when he went to work for my grandfather, the first thing my grandfather handed him before he would let him touch a car, was a manual.

    He told him “You can’t fix something by trial and error, you have to know what you are doing, and that starts with this book”.

    That love of learning has been handed down to 3 more generations so far, and I hope to be one to keep it going for many more!!:)