Curriculum Vitae (CV)

An Unconventional Curriculum Vitae (CV) {Please forward to everyone you know}

I am using this format to knock on doors. The best doors that will open to me will be communications, marketing, or public relations oriented. I would prefer to telecommute, but will entertain offers for on-site employment as well. I am open to contract work or a salaried position. If after reading this CV you feel that I am a fit for your organization, please call me at 817-914-4987. You may also e-mail me terri at

I recently conducted a survey among people who know me quite well – family and good friends. I also surveyed people who are familiar with my work. The question posed to these people was; name three qualities that I possess. I did not qualify this, but rather, asked them to name the top three qualities that came to them. The following are the comments from these people. I believe this gives a prospective employer a more thorough grasp of my character than would be presented in a standard resume or CV format.

Terri is:
creative, loyal, strong, coalescent, energetic, focused, charismatic, resourceful, self-sufficient, independent, loving, creative, insightful, tenacious, over-comer, successful, texturally expressive, spunky, inspirational, cool, possesses excellent communication skills (this person obviously did not follow directions), positive, faithful, humorous, moderate, gracious, genuine and cheerful.

Work Experience:
Jan 2007 to present – Realtor with DFW Texas Homes, LLC P.O. Box 92521 Southlake, TX 76092
Top Performer – Even though I came on board at the beginning of a difficult economic time for our country, I have been the top agent with the company the entire time I’ve been with them.
July 2004 – Dec 2005 – Store Manager at Creative Arts in Action

Published Books:
I’m Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever..Even if it Kills Me! copyright 2000 Loyal Publishing and 2006 Multnomah Books
Ignite the Fire! Freedom Is Real Education copyright 2001 Noble Publishing
If it Weren’t for Eve, I’d be a Perfect Wife 2002 Multnomah Books
Contributor for several compilation books.

Media experience: TV
Featured guest on “100 Huntley St.” Toronto, Canada
Family Showcase on ONE TV – news show in France
Featured Guest on “Live with Chuck and Jenni”
Featured Guest on “Reality Talks” with Kevin Lehman
Various other guest spots and programs.

Media experience: Radio
Hosted The Path Home an on-line Broadcast in conjunction with Salem Communications. Highest ranked independent broadcast at
Hundreds of radio interviews promoting my books, homeschooling, and politics.

Public Speaking:
Keynote speaker at several state homeschool conventions such as Maine, Missouri, Iowa, etc.
Traveled extensively giving workshops ranging from weekend retreats with 40 women to keynote addresses with 1500 in attendance.
Presented for organizations such as MOPS, The American Heart Association, Rotary International, and others.

Event Organizer/Planner:
Organized various conferences ranging from a small group up to 500 people in attendance for an all day conference.
County Chairman for a winning Presidential Candidate in 2000 and 2004
Weekly column for
Numorous articles in various publications such as Homeschooling Today, a magazine.
Active websites with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. I created my own websites beginning in 1996 using HTML. Currently using WordPress with themes and Drupal. I keep current with internet trends and am active on social media sites such as facebook and Twitter.

Websites I’ve created that are currently active:

Most Influential Woman to Follow in 2009
Teacher of the Month (ABC Affiliate Des Moines, IA)
Favorite Homeschool Speaker – EE Award – The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Mom of the Month – nominated by my children

AWSA – Advanced Writers and Speakers Association
CLASS – Christian Leaders Authors and Speakers Services
NICHE – Network of Iowa Christan Home Educators

Life Education:
If I could count life experience and self study, I would likely have at least a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing. Most of my experience has been on my own, seeking to enhance my life while raising eight children, opting to homeschool them rather than advance either through formal education or work experience. As an avid reader, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge through books on topics such as marketing, sales, business development, leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, finances, and personal growth.

On a Personal Note:
As a mom with seven children still at home and being the sole support for them, I can promise that if you hire me, I will do the best job possible. My children count on me to do nothing less than my best. And I refuse to let them down.

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  1. Wow . .i read ignite the fire a couple of years ago. I was on the mission field and someone gave it to me and it so impacted my life. Now we recently moved back to the US and I just found out you were in Dallas as well!! I have a position available with our company. I also just had my 7th child . . .would love to chat with you . . .