From 4 Year Old Entrepreneur to 44 Year Old Entrepreneur

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Terri Camp

At the age of four, Terri began her first business venture collecting soda-pop bottles, returning them for the nickel deposit. The only problem was she was finding the empty bottles in the back of the store from the bottles that had already been turned in for the deposit. Some would call this stealing. Others would call it ingenuity. She has also been characterized as “driven” by those who know her best. Regardless of how she was classified, Terri always stood out among the crowd.

When Terri was eleven she ran away from home, heading to California to become a movie star. After about twenty minutes of walking, she decided to go back home, but California and the idea of stardom remained with her.
In high school Terri made a name for herself by being the first person to graduate a year early. She wrote her first novel while still in High School. After a “minute” in college, Terri opted for the school of life for her continuing education.

Finding herself unemployed and homeless, Terri enlisted in the United States Air Force. Finally she was able to realize her dream of living in California. She was stationed at George AFB, home of the F-14’s and fire ants. Terri began writing more while in the Air Force.

While in the Air Force, she met and married her “Officer and Gentleman.” Opting for the life of a wife and mother, Terri put everything she had into being a great mom. After her second daughter was born, she experienced a life changing moment. She awoke in a hospital bed being told that no one had expected her to live. But live she did!

Even though she was a homemaker, she found herself dabbling in acting and modeling. Since she was only 5’2” the only modeling she did was as a hair model. As more children came, Terri immersed herself in being home with the children, opting to home school them. She organized her first group of home school moms in 1992. Within this group, she found a love for encouraging struggling moms by sharing her life through speaking and writing.

Shortly after her sixth child was born, Terri and her family moved to Iowa, where Terri had been born and raised.

One year for Christmas, her sister, Shileen, gave her the best gift she could have ever imagined. Shileen had collected Terri’s writings and compiled them into a book called, In Search of Quality Bathroom Time. This was the launch of her writing career.

The traumatic birth of her eighth child made Terri want to shout from the mountaintop the miracle of her life and that of her son. She began her speaking ministry to go along with her first book. That book was picked up by a publisher and renamed, “I’m Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever…Even if it Kills Me” and contained the story of Bryan’s birth. Two more books followed and many speaking engagements.

“Very funny, engaging, and real,” was a common statement heard after a speaking engagement. Some of the highlights of her speaking ministry were the many trips she would take with her children. These also prompted a lot of great articles.

Terri began a weekly broadcast for homeschoolers to broaden her audience. In addition, she appeared on several national and local television shows. One of her favorites was when she appeared on the Canadian show 100 Huntley St. in Toronto. She also appeared on a French News show when her family was showcased as a “religious family from the middle of the US.” Another highlight was when a film producer came to interview the family for the show, “Wife Swap.” They must not have been weird enough to be on the show. She even filmed a comedy show called, Gone With the Mind.

Even though she was speaking, writing, and homeschooling eight children, she found time to have a bread making business, which she passed on to her oldest daughter when her daughter was twelve.

After nearly twenty years of marriage, a devastating event happened and Terri found herself a single mom. Walking in faith, Terri moved to Fort Worth, Texas to run a home school bookstore. She took a writing and speaking hiatus while she regained control of her life and gave her children stability.

While working full-time at the bookstore, Terri took courses and the licensing exam to be a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas. Working as an Independent Contractor out of her home enabled her to continue homeschooling the children.

With the encouragement of her children she is again inspiring mothers everywhere with her writing and speaking. After a recent talk to a MOPS group, one of the participants remarked, “She was phenomenal!” Terri recently became the CEO of Ta-Dah Mom, an organization that helps mom go from “where they are, to where they want to be.”

Six of her children continue to live at home. Ashley and Cathy are now married. Her oldest has granted Terri the title of “Gramma T.”

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