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Terri Camp

Terri entered the public speaking arena in 1998, the year her first book was published. From the moment she took the microphone, she knew that she could connect with the audience in a tangible way that would produce laughter as well as life-changing information.

She has trained with CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors and Speaker Services) and is a member of AWSA (Advanced Writers Speakers Association).

Consistently audience members experience life transformations. Terri shares her information with her trademark effervescent humor and “real” life anecdotes. Terri speaks for corporate events, Christian women events, as well as homeschooling venues.


How to Have a Productive Pity Party – 9 steps to a happier you

A fun-filled workshop that will leave the audience feeling like they have control over their feelings because they are given tools to accomplish their own productive pity parties.


NEW! Who’s Your Daddy (forgiveness)
This is a powerful talk on forgiveness and seeing the power of God
Audience members will evaluate their own walk with God and find valuable
insight and challenges to see God in their every day walk.
Audience: Christian Women

How To Be A POWER Mom
Release the POWER you have to make you the best mom you can be.
“A Perfect Ten!” This was the response of one of the moms at a recent MOPS group
where this talk was given. Terri gives practical tools through stories that are filled with humor
and heart string tugging. Moms leave refreshed, renewed, and POWERful.
Audience: Christian Women, Moms

NEW! What Were You Thinking?
A Five-Step program to help you succeed in all that you do.

Audience: Christian Women, Corporate Women

NEW! Ta-Dah! (Living Big)
An abundant life is promised in scripture, but many of us keep ourselves from
experiencing a life that is full. This workshop will tear down the walls most women
have erected to keep us from fully living our dreams.
Audience: Christian Mom, Homeschool

NEW! Ta-Dah Mom!
Want children who think you’re the most awesome and respected moms on the planet? Terri will show you how!
Audience: Moms, Homeschooling

The following workshops are based on Terri’s best selling book, Ignite the Fire! These are her most requested homeschool workshops.

Ignite the Fire
ITF Notebooks and Projects
ITF Read – Alouds

NEW Ignite the Fire for Teens – Helping teens to love learning once again. This project filled workshop gives parents loads of ideas to use with their teens to help them develop a love of learning, or if they already have a strong foundation, it will give parents new ideas to help move their kids further along on the road to self learning.

NEW The Not So Normal Homeschool Family – Giving yourself permission to be different Over the years the face of homeschooling has changed. Every family is unique and given a different purpose. This workshop will help you discover your purpose and embrace the uniqueness of each child and each family.

NEW! Homeschooling During the Spin Cycles of LIfe – How to Make Sure You’re giving your kids what they really need Homeschoolers are not immune to life. In fact, our kids see more of it than their public school counterparts, but sometimes there are big things that happen which take a parents focus from schooling to their issues. This workshop will help prepare you for those times, or help get your through them if you’re already in the middle of a “spin cycle.”

NEW! Make Money From Home – 7 Surefire ways to make some income from home Not only is Terri a homeschool mom with 8 kids, she’s also a coach to help moms make money at home. As a single mom, Terri has first hand knowledge of needing to pay bills with very little money coming in. There are two option, increase the income and decrease the spending. This workshop will help you learn to increase the income. The interactive workshop will offer a time of brainstorming with you to find where your strengths are and discover where you should be putting your efforts to make money from home.

NEW! The Dog Ate My Lesson Plans – Hope for the organizationally challenged Mom Let’s face it, not all of us are organized. Terri is one of those people. She has been there! In this workshop you will learn organizational ideas that anyone – even the organizationally challenged can use and incorporate. If you’ve ever awakened from a dream that your child was heading off to college but the only paper you could find to prove you homeschooled them was a fifth grade math assignment, this is the workshop for you. Do you find yourself at 5:00 in the evening wondering, “what’s for lunch?” Have you tried many organization plans and schedules only to have them taking up space on the fridge? Come learn the simple steps you need to help your children and your home, run more efficiently.

NEW! I Think I Messed Up My Kids – Now What? Are you worried that you’ve messed up your kids? Don’t know what to do to fix it? Come to this workshop where you will get real answers to your real problems. This is an interactive workshop where you will have a chance to ask your questions and get solutions that work for you.

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