Mommy Inventions

Change – I thrive on it. I’m constantly coming up with new uses for my time. Maybe I should now become an affiliate marketer I might ask myself. Then I will get the books and decide. Usually I drop the idea in the middle of research. But sometimes the idea will go even further (like Ta-Dah Mom – which I continue to promote).

Another thing my brain seems to do is actively invent new products. Oh, if I only had the resources to research all of my ideas! I may have figured out that what I really love is the research and not necessarily seeing the fruition of my idea. No, what I really love is telling someone my idea then having them tell me it’s “brilliant and you should do it!” That’s all I’m after, the words proclaiming how smart I am. (Now if that isn’t egotistical I don’t know what is – but I’m just being real here)

I would venture to say that on an average day I will use the phrase, “I have an idea” at least five times. Most of my ideas are ways to make the life of a mom just a little bit easier. With eight kids, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to make my life easier. 🙂

One of my ideas is a Night Owl Alarm Clock. It would be set at a certain time which would tell the child, “time to brush your teeth and put on your jammies.” Then 15 minutes later, it would chime again letting them know they are to get their FINAL drink of water. In five minutes another alarm would signal the child to get into bed. One more alarm (you set the time) would tell the child to put down the book and turn out the lights.  Isn’t it brilliant? Want to invest? 🙂

I’m always striving to solve problems. Case in point – The other day while visiting my mom in MO there was another visitor in the house. Little Xavier’s mom was in the hospital having a baby. She had to stay over an extra day so Xavier was staying with his Grandma (who my mom lives with). His Grandma gave Xavier a bath, but as she was getting him ready realized there were no longer any diapers in his suitcase.  It would be an hour before anyone could bring her diapers. Grandma got a little flustered with Xavier being “half neked.” I happened to look over and saw a Wal Mart bag. That’s when the idea took shape. We could put his legs through the bottom of the bag then take the loops and put his arms through the loops. Everyone laughed at my idea. I thought it was brilliant. His Grandma said, “There is no way he’ll let me put this on him.” She sat Xavier on her lap and proceed to slide his legs into the bag. The loops went over his arms, but kept falling down. I recommended a twist tie. We tied the loops behind him and he was able to go play without constantly being aware he was “half neked” and with Grandma not worrying about him having an accident on the couch.

As soon as he had on the “diaper” someone in the kitchen said, “Oh my gosh! It’s a redneck diaper!”

So, here is my first fully functional invention – The Redneck Diaper!

Xavier modeling his redneck diaper


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4 thoughts on “Mommy Inventions

  1. They put a small towel in the bag. As far as I know he didn’t actually use it. The main purpose was to keep him from his “curiousity” for about an hour.

    It was kind of funny because they just tossed the towel into the bag. I think I would have fashioned it like a diaper.

    BTW – he LOVED wearing it. He kept bouncing around the house.

  2. That….is…awesome. And I would have NEVER thought of something so clever, so in my book that makes YOU so awesome, LOL. My youngest is pretty much potty-trained, but I’m telling you– I am sure one day I’m going to have a use for this. Maybe one of my kids will come down with the runs while we are in a car far from the nearest store, or somebody else’s kid will have a need. Something tells me I’m gonna wind up using this information one day, LOL!