New Year’s Enhancements!

Most diets begin on a Monday. Most end on Thursday. Resolutions begin Jan 1, the list is often stumbled on months later, then tossed in the trash. The feeling of failure will often envelope the person when they discover “the list.” People quit smoking when the pack is empty, but the pack is never empty because there is another one to take it’s place.

The number one reason most resolutions fail is because we are focusing on the negatives that we want to change. I know some of you are saying (with a snotty attitude), “So, It’s good to become a better person.” I’m going to go on record right now to tell you –

  • The problem I have with all of these themes of change in our lives is that it forces us to focus on the negatives or weaknesses in our lives. In an effort to be a better person we try to get rid of the negatives. What that does is it makes us put so much focus into those negatives.

    This year I would like to challenge you to not create resolutions, but rather New Year’s Enhancements!
    The Bible tells us that we are created in His image, that we are a temple of the Holy Spirit, and that He knit us together. That is incredible!

    My New Year’s Enhancements are going to be based on those three aspects of my created being.
    If I believe that I am created in His image, then He has created me with the strengths he wants me to have. Make a list of your strengths – go ahead, take a long time. It really is okay to think about the strengths that you have. In our weakness, He is made strong. Let Him have your weakness, you enhance your strengths.

    One of my strengths is that I maintain a positive attitude in spite of extreme difficulties. I am almost ashamed to admit this, but there have been times that I’ve attempted to stifle that positive attitude, because I thought it would come across to others in a negative way. How dumb is that?! This year, I’m not going to squelch my strengths! I’m going to enhance them.

    After you make your strengths list, write at least one sentence for each strength of how you can enhance that strength. Using the example of “Being Positive” – When a positive thought enters my mind, I will either speak it out loud or type it.

    I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. I’ve often heard sermons on this that are horribly negative. The preacher will say things like, “The Holy Spirit doesn’t want to dwell in a body that is fat, or smoking, or whatever…” WHAT? Since when did the Holy Spirit require that we get cleaned up first?

    My New Year Enhancement is that I am going to be cognizant that the Holy Spirit has chosen to dwell in me – in my present condition. He has not given me a list of things I must do in order for him to stick around. He likes me. He likes to hang out with me. I want to enhance His dwelling place.

    God knitted me. I am one of his creation. How cool is that? I’ve often thought that I was a huge disappointment to God. But when I think about that He created me, without even saying, “oops” – that truth enhances my life!

    I’m going to challenge you to try to throw away the idea that you have to become something you aren’t. Spend some time reflecting on what you really offer to the people around you. This year, rather than focussing on changing the negative, enhance those things that make you uniquely you!

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