Saying Goodbye – Through Facebook

My last month with Mom === As seen on Facebook.

The last month of my mom’s life was shared through various ways on Facebook with my friends. You’ll see videos, posts, status updates, comments, and condolences.

Terri Sween Camp My new definition of death – a physical presence no longer seen with the eyes. Yet the heart captures the essence of the loved one and holds it forever. (this is simply my “on the earth” definition. Death is not a description of heaven.

August 23 at 11:09pm

Terri Sween Camp Goodbye to Mom – My Journey


Terri Camp Goodbye Mom – My Journey :

Today, you stood at the door in your white night gown, hand raised in as much of a wave as you could muster, “Goodbye Girls.” You said matter-of-factly. After the door closed, I felt my body heave with pain.

Terri Sween Camp I would like to stand up and take a bow….yes, it’s true, I prepared food in the kitchen tonight. I know – don’t be shocked…but I did it! Baked Salmon, Caesar Salad, Spinach and cheese ravioli, and pull apart bread with olive oil and herbs for dipping. I must say — YUM!

August 26 at 8:06pm

Terri Sween Camp One of those days where the realities of life (the stuff we see) is weighing on me heavily — going to go do something that gets me into the good place of the “unseen”- time for a few minutes with the Creator of the Universe

August 27 at 12:48pm

Terri Sween Camp Talked to Mom today..she called me from the funeral home where she was “making arrangements.” Can I just say….that really sucks!

August 27 at 4:20pm

Terri Sween Camp Word of the day: Overwhelmed

Word for tomorrow: Driving, driving, and more driving.

August 30 at 6:56pm

Terri Sween Camp I’m going to miss my daughter, Briana’s 16th birthday on Friday. Kind of sad about not being here for her. I try to do something unique for each birthday, but this year — something else is taking all of my focus.

August 30 at 11:44pm

Terri Sween Camp Great drive – best one yet! I feel cultured after having listened to my first real book on CD. By real I mean not a kid’s book, but a full fledged grown-up book. It was delightful and kept me entertained for nearly 7 hours. And I saw a double rainbow! What does it mean?

September 1 at 12:28am

Terri Sween Camp Researching liquid meals for Mom to eat with a straw. So far I’ve found a KFC bowl – blended with chicken broth. I think…she might like that.

September 1 at 11:24am

Terri Sween Camp I just showed Mom how to play Farkle on Facebook…She’s kickin’ it! 6050 points in one turn!

September 1 at 12:42pmpastedGraphic_1.pdf

Terri Sween Camp I mentioned to Mom that I had a dream last night that she crawled into bed with me and we just hugged and slept. She said, “You did not!” I said, “I did!” She said, “That was my dream.” — connected…even in our dreams sometimes.

Another funny “we’re connected” story – I told her to life her right foot (I meant her left foot), she lifted her left foot anyway.

September 1 at 3:09pm

Terri Sween Camp Wally, my mom’s 79 yo husband, is telling me stories of his truck driving days — racing other truckers on the freeway! Oh my goodness…he’s tickled that he won the race.

September 1 at 8:21pm

Terri Sween Camp All of my children should be in bed…if you aren’t in bed…and you’re reading this…you are up too late! I don’t care if I’m not there — GO TO BED!

September 2 at 12:28am ·

Terri Sween Camp Tonight – It hurts. … emotionally spent. I want my mom back…the one who laughs at my jokes, smiles – just because, and has a sparkle in her eye all the time. Thunderstorm of tears tonight. She is not gone, but — I’m just so sad. …

September 2 at 11:56pm ·

Terri Sween Camp It’s a new day – let’s celebrate shall we. (do I sound bi-polar?) I’m not – just on an emotional roller-coaster. Amazing how a night of sobbing can relieve a lot of tension.

September 3 at 9:59am

Terri Sween Camp And here it is — The Tracks of Your Tears. Someone sent this to me when I was going through a difficult time several years ago. I was “remaining strong” – when what I really needed to do was not see tears as weakness – but as something healing and necessary. I still have that silly feeling that “I need to be strong.”…

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The Tracks of Your Tears – Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah

Read The Tracks of Your Tears from Christian radio ministry Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. Study the Bible, learn about Jesus Christ, get Christian living advice online.

September 3 at 10:16am

Terri Sween Camp Reading some scripture to Mom thinking about the memorial brochure. I read this one, and it made her grin really big as she said, “I LIKE THAT ONE!”

2 Cor 1:3-4 “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”

September 3 at 2:41pm

Terri Sween Camp Went to Bingo tonight with Mom. I won! woo hoo $34.00 richer. While we were gone, Wally – mom’s 79 yo husband, went out and got on the lawn mower — and headed out of town on the highway. Sheesh! Daily drama. (don’t tell anyone but I am cracking up – in a good way)

September 3 at 10:39pm


Terri Sween Camp Off to the lake! Both Mom and Wally perked up at the idea of a picnic lunch by the lake….so…here we go!

September 4 at 12:25pm


Terri Sween Camp Grandpa Gets Grounded


Grandpa gets Grounded

Grandpa put a “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign on his lawn mower so he could go drive around. He went too far – on the highway.

September 4 at 4:33pm

Terri Sween Camp I wish I could kidnap my mom and take her home (to my house).

September 5 at 3:47pm

Terri Sween Camp Back home – walked into a clean house, fresh flowers on the table, and joyful kids. Went to Starbucks with my beau – they had missed me. Awww…Even the lady at QT said, “Oh, she’s back!” I really do love my life – even the mundane stuff.

September 6 at 11:00pm

Terri Sween Camp I know I need to sleep….but it’s not coming to me tonight. Heading out on a flight in the morning…concerned I may not make it to Mom’s side in time. She asked to get dressed for her “trip” today. Wanted to get her stuff packed to go too. I was planning to drive the 11 hours, but a dear friend has paid for me to fly

Terri Sween Camp Thank you so much everyone! God worked out the details so well — I just had to sit and watch. I’m on the shuttle to Columbia, MO and will just have to sit back while someone else does the driving. Plus my hot spot works!

Terri Sween Camp Mom and I danced today – as I was moving her from the bed to her wheelchair — it just seemed right to do a little swaying jig and hug.

September 14 at 12:49pm

Terri Sween Camp What a privilege of being able to walk the journey with Mom as she goes from here to eternity. She’s “here” less and less.

Terri Sween Camp I had the best time with Hunter tonight – so glad Ashley, Joel, and Hunter came to visit.

Terri Sween Camp In life Mom had a great sense of humor, even in this journey toward eternity, she is cracking us up. She said, “I’m just going to leave the dirty dishes.”

Terri Sween Camp The first days here with Mom – hoping for another day – another communication, another sentence, another word, another smile — and now — wanting her to rest as we share memories and celebrate her life. She was, is, and always will be — so amazingly special.

Terri Sween Camp One of the things her older sister said was, “She was born to be a grandma.” She was always a gatherer of children. You’ve heard of a chick magnet – well, she was a kid magnet – they loved her! As her spirit is talking – she has asked about why the newborns are all out and about, talked of a young boy sitting nearby, and other references to children.

Terri Sween Camp Hey Kids — just want you all to know — you are loved very much! It is such a joy to know I can be here tending to my mom while you are holding down the fort. I’m comfortable – there is a lot to be said for children who are a blessing rather than the opposite. Y’all are a blessing!

September 18 at 10:00pm · Comment · Unlike

Terri Sween Camp This is why I could share my previous post. Status update from Erica Camp “I made dinner for the family! Rice, eggs, and bacon all mixed into a bowl. I salted and cooked it at just the right moment so that it tasted amazing! Dinner was awesome if I do say so myself. ” (posted at 12:00 am)

Terri Sween Camp When “Life” Happens

Terri Sween Camp I just told Mom, “It’s a joyous place you’ll be going. And I can’t wait until I’ll get to see you again there.” As tears streamed down my cheeks, Mom had a giant smile spread across her face. All of the emotions of this experience encapsulated in one moment.

Terri Sween Camp I feel like nesting, but I’m not in my own tree.

September 20 at 10:18pm

Terri Sween Camp What do you call a 79 yo man, a deer, a cemetery, and the dark?

A: Grandpa escaping on the lawn mower driving around the cemetery at 7:30pm

September 21 at 7:42pm

Terri Sween Camp Needing a little laughter right now. Anyone have some favorite Youtube vids they can put on my wall? I just watched a funny one about two people who just got their wisdom teeth out…Laughter is good medicine — Send me the meds!

Terri Sween Camp In the last days — the frustration is sometimes excruciating. But as long as I keep my eyes open to the blessings – I’ll see them. Yesterday, I felt a deeper love for Mom’s husband than I had ever felt before.

Terri Sween Camp Mom just gave me a gift, one more smile. … thank you Mom!

Thursday at 2:36am

Terri Sween Camp The most difficult part last night was to see Wally sob at the side of Mom’s bed. I’ve never seen him shed a tear or be emotional at all. Then I heard him get angry as he slammed his walker on the floor about four times. He is a lot older than Mom and I think he never thought the end would happen like this.

Thursday at 9:30am ·

Terri Sween Camp It’s so interesting how some people die as they live. Today I felt compelled to turn on Matlock for her. She watched it nearly every day. The show was over, and Mom took her last breath. She opened her eyes, looking heavenward —- Absent from the body – present with the Lord — and we rejoice in that knowledge.

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Carol Graft Hugs.

Thursday at 11:01am · Like

Fred Daniels (((((((((((((Terri)))))))

)))))) Thinking about u constantlyThursday at 11:02am · Like

Betty Eisenhour (((HUGS)))Thursday at 11:05am · Like

Donna Stidham Love you Terri! Praying for you and your family… (((HUGS))))Thursday at 11:08am · Like

Roxana Nunez Praying for you and your family.Thursday at 11:09am · Like

Fred Daniels So sorry for you, and yet not … expect to be sharing with you before the day is over. BIG hugs!Thursday at 11:11am · Like

Deb Yohn Ekstrand ((((Terri)))) Praying for you. It’s hard saying goodbye to your mom.Thursday at 11:11am · Like

Kerry Guy Olcott i love you Terri!!!!Thursday at 11:11am · Like

Tammie Lynnett Libertas praying for you…Thursday at 11:11am · Like

Mary Jo Tate Praying for you, Terri! It has been a blessing to see how you have ministered to your dear mom in her final days.Thursday at 11:12am · Like · 1 person

Michele L Coates {{{Terri}}} I pray the Holy Spirit comfort you and your family during this time!!!Thursday at 11:13am · Like

Andra Willmon Hoots Wow! Peace be with you, my friend.Thursday at 11:13am · Like

Isaac R Watson You guys are in our prayersThursday at 11:16am · Like

Sandy Graham Scharbarth You and Shileen are in my prayersThursday at 11:20am · Like · 1 person

Rhonda Altum Barnett {{{{{{Terri}}}}}}}Thursday at 11:26am · Like

Christy May <hug> What a beautiful story of love and life you have shared with us. Thank you.

So sorry for your tremendous loss.

    Dianne Trotter So sorry Teri – so glad you have been there. In that moment….her hands was in His and yours at the same time. Close to Jesus…what a priviledge to be with her in that moment. Bless you.Thursday at 11:33am · Like

    Krystal Plumlee Bare Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the kids today.Thursday at 11:35am · Like

    Dianna Anderson Sorry for your loss, Terri. ((((Hugs))) Praying for you and your family.Thursday at 11:40am · Like

    Karen Everett Watson I love you Terri!Thursday at 11:41am · Like

    Lori Jackson (((Terri))))Thursday at 11:53am · Like

    Lynn Curry Britt thoughts and prayers to you and your familyThursday at 12:04pm · Like

    Ross Castle prayers for your familyThursday at 12:12pm · Like

    Amanda Friedl Praying for you (hugs)Thursday at 12:25pm · Like

    Stephanie Cox Praise God she had a peaceful departure surrounded by loved ones. Jesus went to prepare a place for us, and she is being welcomed into one amazing place. Sorry for your loss. She will be missed.Thursday at 12:40pm · Like

    Susan Johnson So sorry, Terri, yet rejoicing with you. (Big hug) You will only be separated for a moment compared to all eternity.Thursday at 12:55pm · Like

    Peter Anderson Blessings, sister.Thursday at 1:44pm · Like

    Jill Kramer Ahnen You are in my thoughts and prayers.Thursday at 3:14pm · Like · 1 person

    Nancy Teske I’m thinking of you and Shileen at this time. She is at peace.Thursday at 4:18pm · Like · 1 person

    Kimberly Becvar Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trustest in thee.Isa 26:3Thursday at 4:19pm · Like

    Melinda Brennan (((((hugs))))) Terri.Thursday at 4:26pm · Like

    Cecilia Fleischer So sorry for your loss Terri prayers for you and your family.Thursday at 4:56pm · Like

    Lu Ella Maglone Cummins So precious, Terri!! God is loving on your heart right now, dear! So am I and praying for you and your family.Thursday at 5:02pm · Like

    Melissa Van Deest Hugs and prayers with you all.Thursday at 7:13pm · Like · 1 person

    Lynn Beenken How many times have we felt “compelled” and talked ourselves out of it. You have an amazing spirit, Terri! So sorry for your loss, but glad she is at peace. More hugs and prayers for you all!!Thursday at 9:55pm · Like

    Teressa Edwards Words are so inefficient. The Lord bless you and keep you.Thursday at 10:35pm · Like

    Nicole Pennington Know that Jesus has His arms around you and your family this day. ((((HUGS))))Thursday at 11:05pm · Like

    Tuula Laamanen So sorry for your loss, Terri! What a blessing that you were able to be with her the last days and final moment. Her suffering is over, your heartache only started. You all are in Gods loving arms…Friday at 12:35am · Like

    Connie Ott Oh my. My father and I watched the Price is Right as he was leaving us. For days we watched it together, including his final day. I can’t see it to this day without thinking of him. He loved that show. Peace to you, sweet Terri.Friday at 4:44am · Unlike · 1 person

    Jodi Christensen Randolph So sorry for your loss – you and Shileen are in my prayers! Take care,Friday at 6:08am · Like

    Sharon Nelson Hugs and prayers for you this day my sister! Although there’s rejoicing in knowing she’s with the Lord, I know that you miss her. May the Lord give you His peace during this season.Friday at 7:32am · Like

      Mary Rowe Love you Terri. What a blessing that you could be there with her, that you had that gift of time together.

        Terri Sween Camp My mom was the greatest person I ever knew. My world is sad at it’s loss. Heaven rejoices at its gain.

        Thursday at 10:46pm Sept 24, 2010

        1. Elizabeth Norton xoxoxoxo Terri.Thursday at 10:48pm · Like
        1. Christy May Amen. Sending much love from Iowa.
        2. Thursday at 10:54pm · Like

        Dennis-Sharon Rhine Grimes That is the same testimony I will be able to share about my wonderful mother – praise the Lord. I wonderful if my children will say that about me?Thursday at 10:54pm · Like

        Stephanie Nichols Bateman Will be keeping you in prayer as you move through this time Terri. Many hugs to you and your entire familyThursday at 10:56pm · Like

        Manuel Morales Torres My heart goes out to you Terri.Thursday at 11:01pm · Like

        A.m. Warnke While it was just over two years ago I walked though this valley. I cannot help but cry. May you be blessed knowing you will see her again.Thursday at 11:04pm · Like

        Julie Molina All our moms who have passed will be greeting her. Much love and hugs.Thursday at 11:28pm · Like

        Luanne Riley I’m so sorry Terri. Love you, we’re praying for you.Thursday at 11:29pm · Like

        Betty Ehlers Love to you, Terri, and prayers for you and the familyThursday at 11:41pm · Like

        Kerry Guy Olcott love terri, praying for your family :*(Friday at 12:40am · Like

        Lori Sween Carroll I love you cousin. Wish we were closer I would give you a great big hug. Sending you prayers and hugs. We can rejoice that we will see her one day again. :)Friday at 12:54am · Like

        Kelly Adams Byrne Praying Terri!! hugs!!!Friday at 1:35am · Like

        M.L. Hogle Terri, We had so many laughs together with you, Shileen and your Mom when we were little kids. Her infectious smile and zest for getting on with life were very inspiring. I wish you, Shileen and your loved ones strength, peace and wisdom as you celebrate her life. Big hug, MikeFriday at 1:53am · Like

        Connie Ott Terri, sending you lots of love and hugging you from afar. Your memories will bring you great comfort in the coming weeks, months, and years. Thank you for sharing your mom’s final journey with us. (((HUGS)))Friday at 4:42am · Like

        Michael Farris Terri,

        May God hold you in His arms and bring you the comfort that only comes from the certainty of Heaven purchased by the blood of Jesus.


        Susan Reynolds Brackley I’m sorry for your loss. ?Friday at 6:08am · Like

        Israel Wayne May the Lord give you comfort during this difficult season.Friday at 6:45am · Like

        Lu Ella Maglone Cummins Terri, May the Lord lay his comforting hand upon your heart today and may his presence be very near to you in the coming days.Friday at 7:09am · Like

        Mary Ann Hinton Kelley Terri, your love for your mother is a testimony to her. I’m praying for you and I’m sorry you have to go through this.Friday at 9:36am · Like

        Kim Spidle Overpeck My dear, precious Gramma passed yesterday morning also….so sorry for your loss sweet friend, but I am guessing between those two amazing women, Heaven is rejoicing!!!!!! My prayers are with you!Friday at 1:48pm · Like

        Myra Ziesman York So very sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and yours. XXOOFriday at 4:03pm · Like

        Shelley Wood You said it all! She will be missed.Friday at 4:22pm · Like

        Susan Dickenson Engelking Sorry to hear of your loss. Many thoughts are with you at this time!!Friday at 5:38pm · Like

        Grace Bower Glad that the waiting is over – well done for being with her so much – prayers for you and all your family’Friday at 6:19pm · Like

        Cheryl Garman Rutschilling Klaas Terri…I never knew your mother, but I admire, love, appreciate and treasure the daughter she raised, and I join you and your family and friends in praising God for her, and for you. The joy of loving her is reflected in the depth of your loss…may you be comforted both without and within, dear friend, by the grace and mercy and love that is God’s great gift to us.

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        Elsa sitting next to Mom’s frozen chair at Bingo on Friday.

        Terri Sween Camp Tina, and four of the kids just arrived at the hotel. After an 11 hour drive – they were still all smiles. They reminisced about their Grandma which always produces a lot of laughter and joy. So happy they’re here.

        Sept 24, 2010

        Celebration of Life – Ilene Harlan

        by Terri Sween Camp on Friday, September 24, 2010 at 1:52pm

        A Celebration of Life service will be held for Ilene Harlan of Moberly, MO at

        VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars

        1347 S Morley St, Moberly, Missouri  65270

        on Sept 25th, at 12:30.

        There will be a time for visiting, sharing stories of her life, and a service in her memory.

        We would love to have you join with her families as we celebrate her joyous life!

        Services are being handled by:

        Pathway Memorial Funeral Home

        411 Union Avenue

        PO BOX 367Moberly, MO 65270

        Phone: 660-263-PATH (7284)

        Memorial gifts will be given to the family.

        Thank you all for your wonderful support. My Facebook Friends are the best!

        Your encouraging letters, comments, and wall posts have meant so much to me, and to my family.

        Terri Sween Camp I have the greatest girlfriends in the entire world! Imagine my surprise (and tears) when Debi Adamson Zahn and Amanda Friedl showed up from Iowa to the Celebration of Life service. I haven’t seen them in two years! And now….we’re on a road trip to Kansas City to celebrate our birthdays! God knows!!!

        Sept 25, 2010

        Terri Sween Camp A day filled with sorrow, love, laughter, joy, delight, God, friends, family, new friends, sadness, tears, and blessings.

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        Roxanne Graham Melker So sorry for your loss, Terri. I just saw a comment that explained the reason for your sorrow and joy. I remember the reason we became friends on FB is because I read your blog about your mom wanting a party after getting so sick. What an incredible lady you were raised by!!! Funerals can be such amazing experiences, especially when family gathers and reminisces over their common history. Nothing like ’em – especially when they are celebrations of a homecoming. Bless you and yours. XoX

        15 hours ago · Like

        Terri Sween Camp And….a time to cry. … Let the healing begin through the sobs and the tears.

        Sept 26, 2010

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