Shoes – or Art?

I have discovered a love for shoes. For many years, I couldn’t understand the fascination people had with shoes. Go to Payless Shoes and buy a pair of tennis shoes, and a pair of pumps. – you’re good. That was my philosophy. That was then – this is now.


About three years ago, I met Mike. Mike was unlike anyone I had ever met before. He enjoyed taking me shopping. I struggled with that a lot. The idea of someone spending money on me was such a strange concept. One of our early dates he took me to a nice department store. I can honestly say I had never even browsed the shoe department of a nice store. Their shoes didn’t look practical. And I was a mom with eight kids at home – practical was not my middle name, it was my first name! These shoes with the heels were NOT practical.

So here I am with Mike in the shoe department. I’m averting my eyes out of habit. And he’s drawing me in. He picked up a pair of shoes and said, “These would look darling on you.” Oh my goodness! They were the cutest shoes I had ever seen! I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to walk in them. After much urging I tried them on. I walked, and walked, and walked. I loved them! Mike bought me two pair of shoes that day. One pair, I referred to as my “magic shoes.” They made me feel so wonderful. I can’t even begin to tell you how marvelous I felt in them. But there was a transformation that took place when I put on those shoes. I can only imagine it was much like Cinderella and her preparation for the ball. Can shoes really be magical? Mine were.

Mike loved to take me shoe shopping. I think it was because I was like a little kid who just discovered candy. Excited, fun, and full of gratitude to him for spoiling me and making me feel magical.

Now, whenever I go in a store, I must browse the shoes. It’s fun! I rarely buy a new pair myself – I let Mike do that. 🙂 But the other day while out shopping with my daughter for her wedding stuff, I came across the pair of shoes in the picture. Cathy said, “MOM! You have to get them!” After talking the salesperson into a 50% discount, I took my 13.00 shoes home. I’ve been admiring them for a couple of days now. And thinking, maybe I won’t wear these shoes, maybe I’ll just use them for decoration.

My room is decorated in red, black, and white. They would be a perfect accent!

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