Wear the Fun Clothes!

Do you have a particular outfit that makes you feel amazing? Most of mine do, because, well, what’s the point of clothes if they don’t make you feel fantastic wearing them? But there are a couple of ensembles that I save for “that” occasion. “That” occasion is the one where I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps. I don’t like feeling that way, so I pull out the outfit and go where there are people! For some reason my “pull me out of the dumps” stuff almost always includes polka dots. I find it humorous that when I was a kid I hated…HATED polka dots. I thought they were the dumbest thing in the world. But now, I love them. Polka dot shirts. Polka dot headbands. Polka dot shoes with a little red peep toe. Oh my that is like excitement on the sidewalk for sure!

I was feel a bit blueish, probably because the weather was cold and cloudy. Rather than wonder what I would want to wear to match the weather, I opted for a polka dot shirt, skirt that makes me want to twirl, a matching black jacket and … the peep toe shoes. I didn’t have anyplace to go, so I decided on heading to my favorite Starbucks. Some of my friends were there, because…well…we just go and hang out. I’m old like that. LOL

One of them had seen me earlier in the day after I had completed a six mile walk. I was all sweaty, wearing a ball cap, tennis shoes, walking clothes. Later in the evening I walked out of the bathroom at Starbucks in my feel good clothes. He said, “Wow!”

Sometimes it’s nice to get a “Wow!” Who am I kidding? It’s always nice to get a Wow! But even more important was how I felt. And how I felt is more likely the reason for the wow than the clothes themselves.

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