We’re in the Navy Now

david and meThis is the last photo of David and me before he headed off to Basic Training in the Navy. The next time I see him, he’ll be wearing a uniform, standing taller, feeling stronger, and being focused.

David has always been an amazingly smart kid/young man. He questioned, everything. He never settled for just being told the information, he had to discover for himself. This was quite annoying when he was 2, 3, 4 ….20. You get the picture! But questioning and discovery has been his greatest strength. Except the part that he questions the existence of God. But deep in my heart I know that the truth has been planted and watered in his life and one day, he will know the truth.

For now, I’m missing him. I received a few texts from him while he waited at the hotel, when he boarded the plane and when he landed. Then the phone call that was straight and to the point, “I arrived safe at basic training. You’ll receive a box of my stuff shortly. I’ll call you in about three weeks. Love you. Bye.” Yep, words that fill a mom’s heart with joy, because they are words spoken from him.

I’m pretty sure he’ll do great. Even though he is a questioner, he’s also literal. That will serve him well when he’s asked to do something as he will likely do it exactly as he’s told without adding interpretation. Another character trait is that he is very laid back and always respects authority. He’ll have to get used to saying, “Yes, sir” since he hasn’t had a “sir” in his life for several years. When he was a little boy he would reply, “Yes Sir Mommy.” Hopefully he doesn’t call any of his instructors, “Mommy.”

It was kind of funny, but his term of endearment for me was “Mommy.” Kind of odd for a grown kid, but I loved it. He would walk in after a busy day and if I was in the kitchen or somewhere he would proclaim, “Mommy!” I can still hear it in my head and it makes me smile.

This kid is also so dang smart! He wasn’t real fond of doing school work just because it was there, but he was overly fond of learning. Learning was where it was at for him. He was a little surprised he scored so high on the ASVAB test as he had never taken an aptitude test in his life. Then when he scored high enough to get into the nuclear program, he was almost in shock I think. It’s sure exciting for him. He’ll get to be stationed/paid to go to school for many months. Let’s just hope he has the “Yes Sir” down pretty well and doesn’t repeatedly ask, “Why do I need to know this?”

This is an exciting time for him! All prayers appreciated!

If you want to offer words of encouragement for him, post them here and I’ll copy them into a letter and send to him. I know he’ll appreciate them so much!



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